Neuron Consult - Civil engineering consultancy

About us

Neuron Consult is a group of consulting units established in April 2003 in European Union. The founder and owner Mr Davorin Kolić has based major services of the group on experiences gained in the field of civil engineering consultancy, mainly in transportation infrastructure projects.

Our vision

To bring over our values in action to the project we are working on: to base our performance on innovation, passion and enthusiasm for our profession and as a result to bring financial success to our client's project.

Our values

In performing our services our employees are offering applied civil engineering consultancy contributing values as: innovation, passion and financial success.

The name

The name of the company Neuron comes from the basic understanding of selling our original ideas and solutions as our main services: services of our brain. Another background of this name comes from the time (1989-1991) when we have been using special software support called "Neural Networks" for solutions in bridge design for the first time world-wide.


Our logo is a windrose that symbolises our international orientation, development of projects all over the world and ability to adapt and to comply with the requirements of different markets and clients.


"Our idea is your success" promote our readiness to develop original and unique solutions based on our experience and innovative approach that will bring success to your projects